How does it work?

Once you get in touch, I’ll do my best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours by email to confirm my availability on your date and set up a phone consultation. We’ll chat about your wants, needs, and the logistics of your wedding. I’ll answer any questions you might have about the process and the products and the looks and we’ll probably talk too much and end up as besties.

If you’re interested in booking, I can send over a sample contract for your review. When you’re ready, I’ll build the formal contract and invoice and will send them over to you via your client portal. You can access all our messages and your contracts/invoices/notes here. You’ll initial and sign the contract and submit your deposit, which you can do directly through the portal, and then we’re in business!

We’ll set up date for your bridal makeup trial, do the trial, nail the look, and nail it again on your big day!

Okay, there’s a little more to it than that…

Once we perfect your look at your trial(s), I will take a bunch of photos for reference and then I build a face chart with the products and colors I used so that I can precisely recreate the look at the wedding.

Leading up to the date, I’ll work with your wedding planner(if you have one), photographer, and hair stylist to coordinate a schedule that keeps you on track and stress-free. At the wedding, I will arrive a bit early for setup and begin promptly as scheduled. Once everyone is done, I will apply touch-ups if necessary and then I’ll hit the road unless you’ve chosen services that keep me on-site for retouches and additional applications throughout the day.

What do I need to reserve a date?

In order to officially reserve your date I will need a signed contract and a deposit of 40% of your total services. The final balance on the invoice is due one month prior to your wedding.

You can e-sign your contract and pay your invoice through the client portal I’ll send you. I accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal and PayPal credit payments.

What can I expect from a trial?

A typical trial usually runs about 90 minutes and I prefer doing them in the morning so we can get a feel for how the makeup will wear throughout the day.

We’ll not only nail down your bridal makeup but we talk about all the aspects of your day that will affect that look. We’ll talk about how you envision yourself as a bride and how your partner might envision you as a bride. We’ll talk about the party details — colors, style, time of day, location(indoors/outdoors). If you have a Pinterest board or any photo inspiration for your bridal makeup, we’ll look over it together and discuss how those looks would translate onto your skin tone, type, and facial structure. We’ll start building a look together and we’ll tweak it until it’s perfect. Lashes are included in all packages if you’d like them. If you’re unsure, that’s what the trial is for! Let’s try everything!

Once we get the look down pat, I’ll document it by taking 1,000 oddly detailed photos that simply serve as a guide in reconstructing the look later on. Then I’ll go ahead and create a face chart of the look, listing all the products, tones, and colors we used. And that’s that!

Traditional vs. Airbrush

This is, by far, the most-asked question in the history of my business. And there really is no right answer because both makeup and clients are subjective. This year, I have decided to remove airbrush from the menu because I much prefer traditional makeup, but I did want to provide a little information on the major differences.

In terms of longevity, both traditional and airbrush makeup are generally formulated for all-day wear. Coverage-wise, airbrush provides less coverage than traditional makeup, which is buildable and often formulated with specific skin tendencies in mind.

If you’ve got hydrated, healthy, and even skin then airbrush might be for you as it provides a ligh layer in a sort of blanket-like fashion with a generally matte finish. If you’ve got dryness, redness, or texture, I would recommend traditional makeup for its versatile formulas, buildable coverage, and more finish options.